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SACB Consultants LLC is the dedicated organizational set up to assist Investors with business incorporation in UAE and equip them with being TAX compliant to avoid any possible hassles


Start Investing with Smart Ideas

At SACB Consultants LLC, our clients benefit from the legal expertise offers by the senior management team. This is an invaluable asset when negotiating the various procedures that must be followed when establishing a business presence in UAE.

SACB Group helps you with business incorporation across more than 60 jurisdictions in UAE. There’s no doubt a lot of information to review and much to consider deciding which one is best suited to your specific business requirements, including location, price, business type, flex office or office options, auditing and bookkeeping, share capital requirements, and much more.

That’s where the SACB Group comes into the picture, walking you through it step-by-step, showing you the right direction, saving you money, and ultimately making the entire experience hassle-free.

Let's Work Together

SACB Group is the leading business consulting firm and the trusted member of Dubai Chamber of commerce and Industry. We have helped thousands of companies from diverse sectors to set their foot and grow in UAE

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